About me

Fighting for justice as a criminal defense attorney is a cause that is dear to my heart. More than two decades ago, at the age of 19, I made the mistake of selling LSD to an undercover officer and ended up serving two and a half years in New York State Prison. This was an ordeal that I will never forget and I will also never forget what it was like to have my life in the hands of a lawyer who didn’t seem to really care about me or my concerns. Many years later, I decided to become a lawyer to provide people with the kind of legal representation that they really deserve, the kind that I didn’t get when I really needed it.

In my view, being a criminal defense attorney should not just be a way to make a living, but should be a way to really serve people that need help during a very challenging time in their lives. I fight every case as if it were my own freedom at stake, not settling for anything less than the very best possible outcome for my clients, who have put their trust in me. I believe in my heart that people are worth fighting for and that the way the criminal justice system punishes people usually does more harm than good.

One of the most important things that I practice is staying in good communication with my clients and fully explaining to them everything that’s happening with their case. I will always return your calls and keep you in the loop so that you know exactly what I’m doing for you and where your case is headed.

Here's the link to Prop. 64 Clear Your Record my site to help you clear your record of marijuana convictions?



Great Lawyer

I must say I was extremely satisfied with how David Pullman handled my DUI case..... He was successfull in getting my DUI reduced to a wet & reckless with no license suspension...... He really puts his clients first, and very few lawyers these days I see doing so.


Excellent Attorney -- Kind and Thorough

I've known Mr. Pullman in a professional capacity for nearly a decade and he has always been thorough, compassionate and an excellent researcher. I'd recommend him especially to people accused of serious crimes in California. He will defend you promptly and give you honest legal advice.

Melanie D.

This Guy is a Really Good Lawyer!

This guy is no doubt the best lawyer I've dealt with by far. He seems to enjoy helping people and he doesn't charge a ton of money. I felt like he was real and I could trust him. I'm really glad I trusted him, too, because he kicked ass for me.


A truely honest lawyer

I needed a lawyer for a TRO hearing less than 7 days away. I spoke to 2 lawyers before David... both pushing the hard sell on me. David listened patiently, asked the right questions, and his fee was fair. We had only one meeting before the case, after which I felt markedly calmer and confident.